Introducing – Where The Science Is

I’m a self-described nerd. I’m also a mom. And. I. Am. OBSESSED! Obsessed about all things science! I’m constantly combing the vast spaces of the world wide web (okay, maybe that is an exaggeration – not really) in search of science centered activities and events for kids. This is the blog where you all benefit from my obsession.

Where The Science Is was born out of my love for science and emerging technology and my passion to help make it more accessible to all families.  Simply put, the main purpose of this blog is to allow you the reader to feel that the opportunities to participate in science centered events, for yourself and your families are, literally, at your finger tips.

I have three little ones, 7, 5 and 3 years old who – when they are not driving me absolutely bonkers! – allow me to experience an animated-hyped-geeked-out type of joy when I experience science with them. I have found that science and technology centered activities are a fantastic way to engage that insatiable curiosity and appetite for learning that all children have. In my search for such activities in our local and surrounding communities, I often found it frustrating that these activities are not heavily advertised; a lot of families are either not aware of them or have to go looking specifically for such activities and do not know where to look. Most of these activities are free or of nominal cost and not enough people are taking advantage of these opportunities.

Where The Science Is is a science and technology blog aimed at kids, adults, families and anyone with a sense of curiosity about the science around them. This blog will serve as your “one stop shop” of some sort where you can find out what is going on in the science world in the Maryland, DC and Virginia area and other cities around our nation. I will also blog about some of the events we attend and upcoming events to get super hyped about; at least I do! The blog will occasionally feature events in other big cities as well.

So come along on this adventure with us! Lets explore, learn and geek-out along the way! …the science is, after all, all around us! 🙂




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